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Jun. 25th, 2011

It's the six-year anniversary of Review the World's "Pizza Roll Week"! At the time I had just met my (future) wife Amanda and was grappling with a lot both personally and professionally. Still, with a clear head, I got up each day and spent some time with frozen pockets of dough filled with pizza and taco toppings and dusty action figures in my parents' basement. This, my friends, is the essence of Review the World (and hence me!):

Totino’s – Mexican Style Rolls – Cheesy Taco

Totino’s – Mexican Style Rolls – Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla

Totino’s – Pizza Rolls – Combination

Totino’s – Pizza Rolls – Supreme

Totino’s – Sandwich Rolls – Ham & Cheese

Totino’s – Sandwich Rolls – Cheeseburger

I urge you all to join the celebration by buying and eating some Totino's roll this weekend!
Your boys are back in the Bro Cave -- plus Jessie falls down a flight of concrete stairs:

Jun. 23rd, 2011

Weirdest film I've ever been involved with -- thought it was destroyed forever. Experimental, irreverent, ridiculous. Comedy, action adventure fairy-tale:

Two new videos!

hey.. not even sure if people still check the 'ol LJ/RtW blog these days.. but here you go kids:

May. 4th, 2011

This short film is a morality tale about the power and repercussions of greed. I got the idea for it one day while in the shower loosely inspired by Deliverance. It was shot on location in Hamilton, OH including Crawford Woods.

This is quite old but I just finally got around to uploading it:

We shot this, the second episode in a series, long ago and it's been sitting lonely on my hard-drive for too long. We weren't able to shot much inside, failed to capture the insane energy of the debut episode (a personal favorite of mine), and for other reasons this stayed dormant for over a calendar year. Now you can enjoy it (or not)!
We're finally back! And in HD! Candy, toys, etc. reviewed! I give a walking tour of downtown Hamilton! And more!:

Here's a direct link:

Mar. 23rd, 2011

Quick update -- stuff is happening!

- Filmed with my old buddies Team Sandnut a couple weeks back and we've got a few new RtW Webisodes shot and are set to debut, I believe, around April 3. So keep an eye/ear/whatever out for that.

- Filming an (as of yet) untitled fiction series loosely inspired by Lost. We're aiming for like a half-dozen episodes for the first season and it'll be up on YouTube and RtW. I'm editing the first episode currently and we've got a few more scenes we need but that should be up in hopefully mid-April.

- I'm working on some sort of co-project with Will from the glorious blog Veggiemacabre. We're doing a small series or articles, videos, etc. together from across the country. We're still ironing out details but whoomp there it is.

- Not one but two new staff articles up this week -- from fine gents Jessie and Adam! Check those and more out now over at Review the World!

- Life's pretty cool overall -- enjoy it!
To celebrate the holiday of love check out this article I did a on <
Super Hero Valentine's Day Cards!

Also, check out this comedy skit I was in back in the day -- funny stuff!!:

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