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Dec. 12th, 2012

en Days
f Cheap
he World
& VeggieMacabre

Daily updates alternating between both
sites from Dec. 13 - 22

10 Days of Cheap Christmas: Day #1

It has begun!  Leave a comment.

I just posted a new review on Campbell's Chunky Kickin' Buffalo-Style Chicken Soup!  Use the comments section here to leave your thoughts and I'll respond!

New article! Go check out some beach head, err, Beachhead!

RtW TV - Episode #8

On this episode: Picking Up Eddie's Guitar, Pod Fight #2, Toy Talk, Porta Potty, Five Guys Burgers, Trolli Soda Poppers, and Quarter Machine.

Forgot to post these here.. my new show RtW TV is up with new episodes every 2-3 weeks.. - Here's the first two!

In this episode: Chicken Fight, Mountain Holler: Red Howl, No Arms German, Spidey Kiss, Gourd Collection, Caterpillar Donut, Alley Couch, and the short film "Whatever".

In this episode: Dollar Store Finds, Arabian Press, JJ's chocolate pie, GameBoy Advance gummies, Old School O.B.T., Bulldog Bump, and Venom & Sandman Ooze.

For this first time since the summer of 2006 RtW co-creators Brian and Nick join forces again for the return of the original Review the World TV. Having filmed just two official episodes that summer they’ve been lionized into RtW lore. RtW creator Brian is often quoted as saying they are the most authentic expression of what he’d hoped the RtW project could be. Now, over five years later, Brian and Nick get back together again for the first time, both on and off the cameras, to reunite and bring back positivity, fun, and randomness to the Internet.

Brian and Nick will be joined by the extended RtW family with a reoccurring cast including Amanda, Owen, and Dennis Hammons, Didge Romeo, Eddie Michaels, Jessie Robertson, Steve Smith (The Bro Cave), Paul New (Go! Road Trip), Tim Chesnut, (RtW Webisodes), Adam Sanders, Eric Crain, and others!
New episode! Childhood anecdotes! Big League Chew! Tea! Bag of Crap from Death Valley Groceries!

This is a short clip of me trying the a specialty hot dog at Walt Disney World -- just stumbled across it and figured why not toss it on RtW?:

Jul. 7th, 2011

A new RtW article! 9 months (really?) in the making! It's a new Kool-Aid flavor! And it's seasonal! And, and, and it's color-changing! Can you tell I'm a little excited?

Read it! Drink it! SUMMER!!@~~!~

Kool-Aid: Red, White 'n Blue Summer Punch

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